A round-up of news

On Monday morning, Year 2 led the whole school assembly. The children all recited their lines beautifully and clearly to teach the other classes about friendship. Year 2 demonstrated how to share and play kindly together and explained how this follows Jesus’ example for us.


Jonalisa, Oliver, Mark and Edward received special cards in Monday’s assembly.  These cards were to celebrate the four children taking part in the Sacrament of Confirmation, where they affirmed their faith and commitment to God in front of friends and family last Thursday.


On Monday morning, Magenta and Shaham were the latest pupils to be awarded their pen license. They have worked extremely hard to improve their presentation and write neatly at all times.


Last weekend, Mark was awarded two medals for his swimming. He achieved a gold medal for the 100m backstroke and a silver medal for the 200m backstroke. This extremely impressive as he was competing at county level. Well done, Mark!


Alfie brought in a trophy to show during Monday morning’s assembly. He had attended a presentation evening at his football club, where he was named Under 7s Football Player of the season. Well done, Alfie.


Teddy, wowed the school with her loud voice as she told the school about her fantastic trophy. Teddy took part in a dance competition, where she performed extremely well. Well done, Teddy!