About Us

Thank you for showing an interest in St Pius X Preparatory School.

You are probably asking what makes us different from  other schools.  The simple answer is: “our young people”. Visitors to St Pius are immediately struck by the friendly atmosphere of the school; the openness and confidence of our scholars, the support that they give to each other and the fact that the children clearly enjoy life at school.

We also achieve outstanding results from a broad range of ability, and those results are not just within the academic field, for we are interested in the whole individual and in producing well-balanced, multi-dimensional young men and women who can participate fully in every area of life with the confidence to know their own talents, and a desire to live life to the full. Young men and women of whom you can be proud and who can be proud of themselves.

A visit to the school will convince you of the very special qualities of our scholars and of our school.
Please come and see for yourself!