Disability Awareness Day

Disability Awareness Day Wednesday 11th July 2018

The children took part in a disability awareness assembly and workshops throughout the day to give them a first-hand experience of what the word disability means.

We had two special visitors, Owen Coyle Jnr and Shamaila Iqbal. Owen is the manager of England’s amputee football team. He shared his experiences working alongside the talented team of footballers. We wish them success in the World Amputee Football Federation’s World Cup in Mexico.

Shamaila works as a primary mental health worker for CAMHS. She took the time to visit every class and discussed the importance of emotional well-being. Mrs Waltham followed this up with yoga and mindfulness.

The teaching staff ran various successful workshops exploring communication and how impairment in one of our senses can make it difficult to share ideas and thoughts with others. Mr Long refereed blind football, which the children found fun yet challenging.

A big thank you to Mrs Burns for volunteering her time to teach our children to sign their names in British Sign Language. Our resident DJ Mr Stout rocked the school with teaching the children to sing songs using British Sign Language.

Miss Flint spoke about learning differences and how we all learn using different methods. As the school’s SENCO she helped to shine a light on autism. The children took part in various age-appropriate activities help to increase and develop our knowledge of autism and have an understanding of how the world could be perceived through the eyes of an autistic child.

At the end of the day, the children showed a great understanding of disability and were able to show greater compassion to others.