e-Safety at St Pius

Keeping Your Children Safe On-line

Having access to online information and the opportunities that the digital world can offer has many benefits and for some it plays an important part of our everyday lives. However, as technology moves on at such a pace, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with new trends and developments, particularly with regard to mobile/games technologies and secure and safe accessibility to online material.

At St Pius X Preparatory School we have policies in place to ensure our children are learning in a safe and secure environment which includes being safe online. As part of this provision the children from y1 to y6 recently had sessions with Mr. Karl Hopwood, an experienced on-line safety expert.




The sessions were well received by the children who were very interested and they took on board the seriousness of the messages given. Mr. Hopwood was impressed with their knowledge and understanding.  We also hosted a parent session to enable parents to contribute to the process of helping children be aware of the potential risks associated with using the Internet and modern technologies. This session too was well received.   Many thanks to Mr.Hopwood.