Key Stage Examination Results.



                                             EYFS BASELINE ASSESSMENT

Well done to our Reception children who entered the class on a 40-60 chronological age band in all areas of Learning and Development from our nursery. They have continued to achieve excellent results, above the National Average, in Literacy, Mathematics and Personal, Social and Emotional Development this year.

We are also pleased to report that 12 children out of 18 achieved ‘Exceeding’ grading in the Early Years Learning Goals. Well done Miss Porter in helping the children achieve these outstanding results.

Lancashire County Council’s teaching Team visit in 2017 stated ‘EYFS are working at an outstanding level in all areas of Learning and Development’.

                                            KEY STAGE ONE PHONICS SCREENING

 Our Year 1 children really showed off their amazing reading skills when sitting their Year 1 Phonics Screening, with a pass rate of 88%.  Well done Miss Flint for teaching the children such fabulous phonics.


We are so proud of all our children in Year 2, who simply shone during their assessment weeks. They approached their tests with maturity and confidence, showing off all the amazing knowledge that they have gained throughout the year.  A great, big thank you to Mr. Long who has worked so hard with the children to achieve these first class results

                                              KEY STAGE 2 SATS RESULTS

We are also impressed with every child in Year 6, they have all surpassed our expectations.  We are extremely proud to announce that our children have exceeded the expected national standard in all subjects.


SUBJECT                                  NATIONAL AVERAGE                         ST PIUS X

Maths                                                                           75%                                                          95%

Reading Comprehension                                          71%                                                          95%

Spelling Grammar &                                                 77%                                                         100%

Writing                                                                        76%                                                          100%


                                            GRAMMAR SCHOOL SUCCESSES

Just like years gone by, many of our Year 6 children have been awarded places at the local Grammar Schools.  We know our children will excel, thrive and rise to the challenges that the grammar schools provide.

      Year 6 leavers 2017 – Grammar School Places Awarded

Lancaster Royal Grammar School  – 6

Lancaster Girls Grammar School  – 5


We believe that the transition to secondary school is of upmost importance and selecting the right school for your child, is key to their academic success.

We are pleased to state that in 2017, 100% of St. Pius children passed the entrance exam and were offered a place at the independent school of their choice.


However and most importantly, all these impressive results do not assess what makes St Pius pupils truly special and unique. We know that each and every pupil that leaves St Pius carries with them true St Pius Spirit, displaying confidence, good manners and consideration for others. We also know that all our children have had an amazing start to their education will prepare them for a life-time of learning. Congratulations to all of our children –  we are all very proud of your achievements!