Our Belief



In the light of the Mission Statement the School aims to:-

 *        Begin the process of educating the whole person, integrating each child’s spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, cultural, aesthetic and physical development so that each one achieves his/her full potential and that fullness of life which God intended:  in this endeavour, to encourage a real interaction between home and school.

*        Pass on knowledge and understanding of the Roman Catholic Faith, uphold the Church’s teaching and values and make prayer, worship and liturgy a real experience and an integral part of school life.

*        Be a caring, courteous and disciplined community where relationships are formed and conducted according to Christ’s Law of Love.

 Encourage the school as a whole and as part of a wider community, by contributing to appropriate activities (such as charitable projects, social, sporting and cultural activities), so that every child becomes more aware of his/her Christian responsibilities to society.


We follow Jesus' example: we respect, value and appreciate all members of our community.