Poem by Siva – If I was a planet…….

Read the amazing poem written by Siva in Year 5, I sure you will agree he deserved the Head Teachers Award he was given  for it.


If I was a planet…

If I was a planet,

Shaped like a pomegranate,

I would have two moons,

Both as shiny as silver spoons.

My top would be volcanic,

But nowhere near as tragic.

My bottom would be aquatic,

And full of magic.

My orbit would be small,

So birthdays come sooner to you all.

My sun would be defiant,

And very self-reliant.

It would want to shine brighter than all the other stars,

And be like the headlights of not one but many cars.

My forests would be a lush green,

More than you have ever seen.

My oceans and seas would be a deep blue,

With no pollution from people like you!

I would like to keep it that way,

So let me have my say.

Unless you promise to keep this planet green and blue,

I will keep it away from you!

By Siva