Reception’s Mini Beast tales

This week in Reception the children have enjoyed learning all about minibeasts.

We read the `Very Hungry Caterpillar`, `The Very Quiet Cricket` and `The Very Busy Spider` all by Eric Carle. This inspired us to have a go at writing our own stroies about minibeast, the title had to start with `The Very…..` The children were able to use key features of narrative in their own writing.

 We went on a minibeast hunt and used a tick sheet to record our findings and magnifying glasses to get a closer look.

We have explored all about the lifecycle of a butterfly and are looking after our own class caterpillars. We watch them grow everyday and are waiting for them to turn into butterflies so that we can release them into the wild.

We decided to make our own signs for our minibeast station so that everyone knows how to take care of our worms and caterpillars.