Little Prince

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On Friday, The Manchester Acting Company came to St Pius a performed a dramatic, visually-stunning, fun and inventive; spellbinding performance of The Little Prince.

This was the story of a little prince, who falls to earth from a star, and of the airman, stranded in the desert by the crash of his plane, who seeks to understand the prince’s secret. 

The premise was simple and the story simply told, and yet the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry creates a tale that is full of poignancy and hope.  

As the Little Prince journeys the planets around his own home, Asteroid B612, he encounters a variety of individuals: including the Conceited Man, the King, the Geographer, the Lamplighter, plus the fox and the snake.   Each encounter becomes a parable of human nature: or rather, the nature of adults. The Little Prince is a story about childhood, friendship, love, hope and the magic in our lives that we are at risk of losing as we grow older.

The performance was bold and a brilliant presentation of this fantastic story which thrilled our children.