What was life like back then?

Key Stage 1 travel back in time!

Year 1’s History topic this term is Famous People. They have been
finding out what made Florence Nightingale exceptional.

Mr Warrell, a visiting Historian, talked to our Year 1 pupils about the
lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Searole. They found out what
made these two special ladies become nurses and go to the Crimean War back in 1800.The Year 1 pupils experienced what life was
like in the 1800’s and made medicines using
natural ingredients
and they compared
hospitals then and

This spring term our Year 2 pupils have enjoyed learning about the life as a child during World
War II. To bring the topic to life we had a history morning where the children had the
opportunity to go back in time with our invited
Historian, Mr Warrell, and experienced being
evacuated, playing with handmade toys of the
period and dressing up in uniforms.

The children reflected upon their morning and
talked about wearing a gas mask and how this
would have affected children at that time.