World Religion Day – Hindu temple Visit

Year 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed their recent visit to the Hindu Temple in Preston. They had a guided tour through the temple and learnt all about the stories of the various gods and goddesses. They even had opportunities to ask questions all about the Hindu faith.

“At the temple we saw beautiful paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses. I also saw how they blessed the different statues everyday. The front of the temple was magnificent and I enjoyed sketching some of the details we saw on the pillars outside.” – Maria

“I learnt there were many Hindu gods. I loved the exquisite painting on the roof of the temple. I enjoyed listening to how they celebrate the festival Holi.” – Arslan

“I enjoyed the part where we looked at the pictures on the roof. They were so colourful and even had some real gold on them! I learnt about the many gods in Hinduism.” – Neel

“The temple was colourful and there were people praying and singing whilst we were there. There were paintings of the Gods on the ceiling and we heard of the different stories about each of them. I really enjoyed my visit!” – Isabelle