Year 1 News

News from Prep 1F

Oh let’s go fly a kite!

Did you know the church’s celebration of Jesus’ resurrection doesn’t stop at Easter? Of course, we know we can celebrate and be thankful for Jesus’ resurrection all year long, but throughout church history Christians have observed another important moment after Jesus rose from the dead: his ascension into heaven. This event, called Ascension Thursday, is celebrated forty days after Easter Sunday and ten days prior to Pentecost. It is also called Holy Thursday or, simply, Ascension Day. Prep 1F had a very productive afternoon making and flying kites. It helped us to reflect upon Christ’s entrance into heaven. It also looks forward to the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and beginning of the church. The Ascension is a big moment worth celebrating and Prep 1F celebrating in style! The class tried to fly their kites high enough in the sky to reach heaven. We love their ambition!




This half term have been studying Kenya in our geography lessons. We ending our topic by showing our respect for another culture following the guidance of our SMSC teachings. We made some glorious Maasai Warrior necklaces and performed a jumping dance full of African rhythm.