Year 4 become Eco-warriors!

Year 4 took a trip to Southport Eco Centre on Tuesday 23rd January to learn more about how we can look after our planet.   

The children had an action packed day full of different opportunities to help them become ‘Global Caretakers‘ to link in with their current Geography topic. In teams they had to create a solar powered fan and go on a fact hunt around the centre to find out about waste and water around the world.


The children then had a go on an interactive learning resource. They discovered some very interesting facts. One of the children said “We learnt about how far food travels. For example, an average midfielder runs 15m per match. they would need to run 425 matches to travel the same distance as a coffee jar.” They also played a giant ‘Down the drain’ board game which saw their competitive sides come out!


The highlight of the day was the children getting the chance to use the water pump in the garden. They all had a turn at pumping out the rainwater and learnt that all water is reusable. They also discovered which surfaces were permeable.


An exciting trip which certainly left all of Year 4 determined to do what they can to save our planet!