Curriculum and Co-Extra Curricular

We want our children to develop a love for learning which will be with them for the rest of their lives.  All pupils leave our School with robust and transferable skills in reading, writing, and maths – but, along the way, they’ve also investigated the world around them and how they can be good citizens, locally and globally. 



Academic study programmes inspire and develop curiosity, fostering successful, confident and enthusiastic learners who will be able to adapt in an ever-changing world.

Our greatest testimony is that all our feeder schools are continually impressed by the children we send them every year, in regard of their academic standards as well as their personal development.  We are proud of the results every Summer, and our excellent record of Grammar School entry and scholarships to Senior Schools.  


Our younger pupils are housed in Oak House, which has been transformed into a
a delightful child-centred learning environment.  Older pupils are accommodated in a purpose-built department, where children follow a more formal programme which still encourages children to explore and develop a real interest in their own learning.  All children are taught by form and specialist teachers, and our smaller class sizes result in far more individual attention which, in turn, ensures all children progress significantly through the sequential process of knowledge, skills and understanding.



The arts play a central role in school life and from an early age pupils participate in a variety of events and activities, including annual Christmas and Summer productions.  LAMDA, musical theatre and dance are offered, ensuring that performances are packed with talent and enthusiasm.  Individual music tuition includes piano, electronic instruments and all sections of the orchestral families: strings, woodwind, brass and percussion.  Our children also have a real passion for both art and design technology, and enjoy facilities for ceramics, print, drawing, painting and manufacture of product.



Physical activity plays an essential part in school life too and all pupils are encouraged to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  We teach the value of sport for all, with opportunities to develop self-confidence, discipline and a positive work ethic.  A wide variety of activities is on offer, including gymnastics, dance, cricket, football, netball, rounders, tennis, swimming, hockey, skiing and track events.  Regular games fixtures allow our pupils to develop an understanding of competition and sense of fair play.  We organise annual football and netball residential tours to North Yorkshire, arrange diverse inter-house matches, and also host community tournaments and swimming galas.



We encourage all of our families in Main School to participate in a variety of co-curricular clubs and activities, knowing that well-chosen clubs can give children insight into many different areas.  We believe we offer an activity for every child as a place to let off steam outside of the classroom; a full day in the classroom for youngsters can be a big ask – therefore, alternatives to textbook learning can be hugely rewarding.  Clubs and activities help them embed the concept of teamwork, appreciating what’s good for the whole group, rather than just thinking of themselves - further opportunities for competitive sports are also great for strengthening difficult life lessons like being a gracious winner and loser.  Musical ensemble practice is ideal for entrenching patience and persistence – and any performing or creative arts club is a perfect place to drive-in discipline and self-expression.  All of the clubs we offer form part of the building up of independent and group strategies, as part of our deepening awareness of the KSU process – Knowledge, Skills and Understanding.  New skills, team work and confidence-building aside, we salute the fun factor in our clubs and activities too.

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