Wider Community

We’re always been blown away by our children’s generosity of spirit – they’re always looking for the next opportunity to help others, always looking for that special chance to make a difference, always looking further afield than their own backyard.  This is something that makes our young people so remarkable.

In October we hold a traditional Harvest Act of Worship, thanking God for the abundant bounty of his wonderful world.  Households contribute a great amount and variety of fare; pupils from the School Council then deliver crates of groceries to a regional food bank.  Sponsored by neighbouring churches and supported by additional partners, Share It! assists vulnerable and deprived individuals whose needs are often complex – needs that impact on family life, health and wellbeing.  Our pupils are inspired by what they experience, vivid testament to a personal understanding of social diversity.

Our children choose an annual charity too, becoming an anchored spotlight for specific fundraising throughout a defined academic year.  Delegates from each class give a presentation on their group’s proposed aid-organisation.  Then, taking on board the British value of democracy, everyone participates in a rigorous elective process – students and staff alike.  One of the charities chosen recently was The National Autistic Society who, over the last five decades, has been transforming lives and changing attitudes.  It’s touching to note that the youngster who nominated and represented this agency in front of everybody has himself an autistic sibling; again, making community outreach distinctive and meaningful to us all.  The current choice made by the children is to support Breast Cancer Now.

Last year St Pius X donated a Public Access Defibrillator unit to the local area, which is now sited on the outside of our building.  Wherever you live, wherever you work, simply knowing the closest location of this device may avoid wasting precious seconds when ringing the emergency services to report a suspected cardiac arrest.  When dialling 999, the ambulance call handler will ask a series of questions; if possible they can then identify the nearest PAD and give key advice.  Our children really appreciate the fact that, having helped establish this shared medical resource, they have potentially saved many members of the public.

We’ve also agreed to continue essential fundraising on behalf of Barabarai School in Nepal.  Most young people in that country do not enjoy positive future prospects, with countless being declared the ‘poorest of the poor’ by Western sociologists.  Nepalese pupils often leave education after they learn to read and write – but these skills are soon forgotten and lost without on-going study.  Unfortunately, recent natural disasters have destroyed property and severely impacted the nation’s ability to keep its remaining schools open.  St Pius X has had links with this project for many years, initially helping to construct and maintain the buildings, and subsequently financing vital equipment; our focus now is to ensure that staff are paid a fair wage entitlement.  Our allegiance to this venture preserves and provides genuine spiritual connections across the miles – learner:learner, parent:parent, teacher:teacher.

We’re constantly developing each and every child’s individual awareness of authentic Gospel values -calling us to work towards the common good. This resonates from the teachings of Jesus to what St Pius X children are achieving: the humble gratitude for the whole of creation; the sincere openness of charitable giving; the compassionate service to others; the friendship which brings unifying peace to society; the commitment to justice which generates equality; and the overall hope and dignity in life itself.

As an inclusive Catholic school, embracing families of all beliefs and cultures, we join as one to uphold those Gospel values as the people of God.  This makes our community outreach more profound and inscrutable – something none of us take for granted.


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