Three & Four Year Olds Funding – 15 Hours Free

3 & 4 Year Old Funding

We limit our funded places to purposefully keep our numbers low. We believe in ‘quality over quantity’ and pride ourselves in the high quality, personalized care that our staff members can give to the children in our care. Small class sizes with high numbers of qualified and experienced staff means that our children are nurtured, cared for and feel secure and confident in our setting. We believe that happy and confident children inevitably make progress.

Please note: There are limited funded spaces available for 30 hours and these are selected by a matrix.  We can also offer private spaces where we claim the cash equivalent for your 15 hours. Parents are responsible for a small weekly top-up fee. This funding is only available to children who are registered to attend St Pius Reception Class - places in the Reception Class can only be secured by a £250 non-returnable deposit.

  • Three and four-years-olds in Lancashire are entitled to fifteen hours of free education from the term after their third birthday.  Place at St Pius are limited, please see above. 
  • Children are not eligible for funding to continue once they enter into Reception Class in the Main School. 
  • There is no need to apply for the 15 hours funding as your child is automatically entitled.
  • 30 hours funding must be applied for by parents on the Government 30 hours’ free childcare website. Once given an eligibility code, this must be renewed by parents every 3 months.
  • Any additional sessions will be charged in line with our current fee structure. (See Fees)
  • NB - if you move your child to another nursery after the ‘headcount date’ (Headcounts for funded places are completed at the start of each term) you will not be able to claim a funded place for the rest of the term, or enroll after the headcount date, we will not be able to claim your funding until the term after.

Nursery Fees

As from September 2024

  • All children are provided with free milk and snacks.
  • Fees must still be paid if children are absent with or without notice.
  • Please note: it is our policy that a child must attend a minimum of 2 sessions.
  • Salary Sacrifice Scheme: School accepts all childcare vouchers - please quote Registration Number EY310513 with your Salary Sacrifice provider.
  • Basic fees:
    • £52.50 per full day (8am-6pm)
    • £26.25 per morning session (8am-1pm).
      • A further charge of £3 for school lunch.
    • £26.25 per afternoon session (1pm-6pm).
      •  A further charge of £1.50 for Afternoon Tea
  • Additional charges:
    • Registration: a registration fee of £100 (non-refundable) is payable in advance.
    • Insurance £5.50 is charged per child in our setting per term.
    • Late payment: failure to collect children on time at lunchtime will incur a charge of £10.00 within the first 30 minutes and the additional cost of the afternoon session thereafter - late collection after 6.00pm will incur a charge of £25.00 per part quarter-hour.

Methods Of Payment

  • An invoice for the full term will be produced prior to the start of each term.
  • Payment by 1st day of each term for full amount shown on the invoice. 
  • Late payment:
    • If fees are not paid up-to-date by the end of each half term, there will be a £15 charge and a subsequent letter of child suspension forwarded.
    • If late payment occurs twice or more over an academic year, your account will be placed on a 'proforma' basis i.e. payment of full fees will be required before your child attends each term.

Withdrawal / Change Of Sessions

  • Four weeks notice must be given should you wish to withdraw your child - otherwise four weeks fees will be payable in lieu of notice.
  • Please note: there will be no reduction in fees should you choose to decrease session numbers at any time during the course of an academic year.
  • A £10 charge will be made for the administration of any parental-led reduction in number of sessions.
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