Seven Areas of Learning

The EYFS consists of 7 inter-connected areas of learning and development.

Prime Areas

These are crucial for igniting children’s enthusiasm for learning.

1. Communication and language
Listening / understanding / speaking
Providing an environment for children to express themselves in a range of situations allows them to develop these skills.
2. Physical development
Moving and handling / health and self-care
Children need to understand that continued physical activity, as well as healthy food choices, are important - and why.
3. Personal, social and emotional development
Self-confidence / managing feelings & behaviour / making relationships
This area helps to shape children’s social skills, and develops respect and an understanding of their different feelings.


Specific Areas

These strengthen the learning and development in the prime areas

4. Literacy
Reading / writing
It’s important for children to discover phonemic awareness – the ability to hear and identify different words and sounds.
5. Mathematics
Numbers / shape, space and measures
Children need to be guided in developing skills with calculation, as well as being able to describe shapes, spaces, and measures.
6. Understanding the world
People and communities / the world / technology
Making sense of things by observing and exploring, and the opportunities of technology and other things that they use.
7. Expressive arts and design
Exploring and using media and materials / being imaginative
Creative and performing arts activities all give children the opportunity to express themselves and learn new things.
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